The Blackboard55 - An Original Gift Idea That Is BIG, Fun, Educational, Creative & Your Kids Won’t Grow Out Of!

The Blackboard55 - An Original Gift Idea That Is BIG, Fun, Educational, Creative & Your Kids Won’t Grow Out Of!

It’s 2018 and there are a million different gifts that you can get your kids for holidays — but if you are looking for something unique, educational, HUGE, inspires their creative flow, & looks amazing wrapped up (as well as keep them guessing)… than look no further than the Blackboard55.

The Blackboard55 has the ability to last and be a learning tool for kids from 4 - 18… and beyond!

Blackboard is For Kids Ages 4 - 12

A screen they can sleep with, turn chores into games, explore their creativity.

  1. Enables children to feel like a television is in their room (when it’s not), while encourages them to create their own stories and bring their imagination to life.
  2. Discourages young children from writing on the wall with pen or crayon, while still giving them the satisfaction.
  3. Play games with your kids each day and night, adding a little bit more each evening, like Mad Libs, Tic tac toe, monkey in the middle, etc.
  4. Turn chores into gameifacation, by creating a chore list that they can see, won’t forget, and they can cross each one off as they progress throughout the week/day.

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Blackboard For Teenagers Ages 13 - 18:

Encourages their artwork & homework production, helps to reduce “tech-neck” & poor posture from computers, and creates another means of organization.

  1. A perfect way to put a screen in their room that is not a TV.
  2. Draft daily “To-Do” reminder lists for your teens, that they can cross off each morning or night.
  3. Encourage their creativity as an artist, enabling them to draw, sketch and more. Their friends can see their artwork the second they walk into the room.
  4. Gets them to actually work out math, science, chemistry, and other problems on
  5. Helps to avoid the progression “tech neck” and “hunched” computer posture, which is becoming a larger issue with todays teens, by enabling them to figure out homework, problems, and draw while standing up and looking forward — instead of constantly being hunched over in one location.
  6. A great way to take up space in your child’s room so that they don’t hang up posters or ruin the walls.
  7. It’s just REALLY fun to write on!

Blackboard was developed by Kent Displays, maker of the Boogie Board — which is one of the most popular selling kids toys on Amazon and has a major fan following.

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Blackboard For Adults:

Easy to set-up, lightweight, portable, easy to see and brainstorm with & no pens or erasers needed!

  1. Just take out of the box and mount on the wall! Lightweight and no wall outlet necessary!
  2. Environmentally friendly — no more spending money on pens, chalk erasers.
  3. Draft todo lists, for the whole family, brainstorm strategies, keep numbers handy.
  4. Never search for a dry erase pen or eraser ever again.
  5. Looks more professional and brings a “modern feel” into the office.

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