This is Blackboard by Boogie Board®

The ultimate writing tool

It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Perfectly effortless. Endlessly useful.

Write with anything, even your finger.

The Ultimate Writing Experience

55" Writing Surface

This is a lightweight, portable design and weighs just 22 pounds.

Erases instantly

Clear the entire writing surface instantly with the touch of a button.

Write with anything

Write with the inkless magnetized Blackboard Pen, or write with anything. Even your fingernail.

Simple and easy to mount

Private & secure

Perfect for high-security environments. No messy ghosting, no paper trail.

Easy to Use

No training. Simply write naturally and erase with a touch of a button. Nothing to learn, no manuals necessary.

No mess

No dust, no messy markers, no dirty board.

The ultimate
writing experience.


The ultimate writing tool.


Display tech



Beautiful writing

Ultra-bright writing for long-distance viewing

Capture & archive with the Blackboard app.

Scan, organize, search, and share with the free app for iOS and Android.


Can I write with anything?

The Blackboard surface can be written on with anything including your fingernail. Stay away from any sharp objects that could scratch the surface. As you press with any hard tip, an almost painting like effect will appear you brush across the surface.

Is it easy to hang?

The Blackboard 55 is lightweight and easy to hang. Weighing less than 22lbs., it can be mounted using the included 2 mounting brackets or use the mounting holes in the upper corners of the board to attach to studs or anchors. See the "how to hang" tab on the website for easy tips and instructions.

Can I erase part of the surface?

The Blackboard can be quickly and easily erased with the touch of a button however when the button is pressed the “entire” surface will magically disappear.

Can I see the writing from the back of a conference room?

The Blackboard features a new, super bright liquid crystal line that can be easily seen from a distance. This advancement will appear almost iridescent and the thick line makes it easy to read from anywhere in the room.

How durable is it?

The Blackboard is made from forged aluminum framing, making it lightweight yet durable. The highly engineered writing surface is designed with a hard-coat that is tested to ensure it can withstand repeated marking without wearing out or damaging.

Do I have to charge it or plug it in?

The Blackboard does not need to be charged or plugged in. There are 4 AA batteries that are easily replaceable. Once you write on the surface, the writing will not disappear or change, remaining indefinitely until the erase button is depressed.

When I erase, can I get the information back?

After erasing, the content is not able to be recalled, however the Blackboard app can be used to scan and capture the content. The app allows you to easily tag, file and share the data as a jpg or pdf.

The Ultimate Collaboration Tool
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The Ultimate Collaboration Tool
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